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Friday, April 30, 2004

REVIEW: Super Tight Wonder Wave

Super Tight Wonder Wave = ST Wonder Wave = STWW

'FIRST IMPRESSION: Speed and depth of penetration can affect the overall FLying experience.

'SENSATION: The waves feel great gliding up and down the shaft.

'REALISM: Pretty realistic. Can simulate a nice blowjob.

'NUT INDEX: About 7-8 on the FLyer scale.

'RECOMMENDATION: If subtlety and a realistic feel are your bag, baby, then STWW belongs in your toolbox. Aavailable as part of a 3-for-2 deal.

After all the flash and sizzle of new inserts like Super Tight Speed Bump (SB) and Super Tight Super Ribbed (STSR), the new Super Tight Wonder Wave (STWW) kind of ended up in the bottom of the box. Well, it's time to dust that one off because the folks at Fleshlight went back to the lab and came back with a new-and-improved version of a popular favorite.

Ardent FLyers had urged the company to put the waves closer to the point of penetration and Interactive Live Forms (ILF) heeded the advice. The company also reduced the circumference of the chamber to give FLyers an tighter ride. The result is an insert that feels tighter and strokes better. But that's not all. The insert's ribbing was angled slightly so Wonder Wave just loves and tugs your shaft on the upstroke. And because the waves now start at the beginning, the result is vastly improved FLying.

STWW is the most subtle and versatile insert the company offers. So many variables can alter the STWW experience, but chief among them are speed and depth of penetration. Because the waves now begin a half inch from the entrance, STWW can be used for more focused, point-of-entry stroking. And the waves feel especially great when gently swallowing your cockhead.

Speed is another variable that reveals the versatility of STWW. In slow motion, Wonder Wave sends gentle ripples of pleasure up and down your rod, but increase the speed and it's altogether different. A faster motion = a more aggressive tug on the upstroke and, invariably, a faster cum. But either way, STWW offers a pretty great ride for the money.

Frequent FLyer Bar Tip - Best use of STWW: Point of view (POV) porn, blowjob scene, slow stroke in sync with the action. Rinse insert, repeat. LOL.

For more information on this insert, click here.

Thursday, April 22, 2004


Do you like the feel of a tight pink pussy, a hot wet tight young pink pussy just waiting to be boned? How about a nice juicy tight hairy pink pussy? A wet pink slit? A slippery pink cunny? A moist pink slit? A hungry tight pink gash? A nice tight fresh pink pussy? A warm tight pink cunt? A moist hairy tight hot fresh pink pussy? LOL. You get the idea. The Fleshlight offers the sensations of all the pussies you love and more. Read on for more insight...

The Original Fleshlight varieties in the standard, plain-canal insert.

Vagina Gives new meaning to being in the pink. Soft lips, turgid clitty. Yum.
Mouth Soft lips, really soft lips.
Butt Impossibly tight.
Non-descript Nonthreatening as well as discreet. Perfect for couples and private types.

Pink FleshJoe's favorite flavor.
Mocha Think cafe mocha.
Chocolate A deep, rich brown.
Lavender A pleasant shade, but it still gets the job done.
Ice (clear) See yourself cumming and going.

NEW! Gold Series Orifices: Super Tight One and All!
Super Tight Ribbed Lady (Vagina) Killer ribs! That's why the Lady is a Tramp.
Super Tight Ribbed Mouth Goldfinger? Nah! More like Blowjobs Galore. 007 could have used one.
Butt. Did we say tight, already?
Non-descript. Again, perfect for couples and private people. Stores discreetly.

Gold Blow yer wad like King Midas!
Pink Pink is an all-around favorite color, but it's still tight as hell in the dark.
Mocha - Subtle, pleasing color and tight as hell.
Ice (Clear) - Get a front row seat to all the action.

Super Tight Gold (STG) Tight, tight, tight.
Ultra Tight Gold (UTG) Tighter yet.
Super Tight Wonder Wave (STWW) Angled ribbing that waves you to the finish line.
Super Tight Super Ribbed (STSR) Loves your cock almost as much as you do.
Super Tight Speed Bump Loves your cock as much as you do.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

REVIEW: Speed Bump is the Bomb!


A first-time user writes:
"When I first heard about Speed Bump, I thought it was like any other Fleshlight (I already had an Ice Pussy). A guy from the Fleshlight chat used to tell me how wonderful it was; he would talk to me about it over and over. One day, I decided to get it. It's like a mouth with several tongues licking under your fireman's helmet at the same time. Those tongues work relentlessly where your need it most. Since then, I've become addicted and I can say that my life has been divided into two parts: before and after Speed Bump."

Super Tight Speed Bump aka SB.

Where do I start? I'm at work today thinking about my new Speed Bump and my cock starts stirring in my trousers. I feel like Pavlov's (dirty) dog. Woof, woof. LOL.

Got my Speed Bump (SB) and the new Super Tight Wonder Wave (STWW) in the mail yesterday and got down to business as soon as possible. Because there was no advance buzz on Speed Bump, I didn't know what to expect. Well, that's only half-true. I knew what I MIGHT expect based on the website photos at the ILF site, but I still wondered how those little raised nubs would actually feel gliding up and down my cock.

For starters, the SB's chamber is tight as hell with a casing that follows the contours of your cock. But it gets better. A lot better.

Speed Bump has dozens of raised bumps that are designed to hit the most sensitive and pleasure-seeking parts of your manhood. As the SB ping, ping, pinged under my cockhead, the nubs created never-ending waves of sensation. I almost felt I could direct the bumps to hit the most sensitive area of my manhood - right under my dickhead - but that might be an illusion cause there are dozens of those little fuckers all working together - tonguing, stroking and ultimately bringing me to a ball-draining cum. Right now, I'm too spent to write anything more. LOL.

Click here for more info on this ball-drainer!

Q&A: Does it feel like pussy? Hell, yeah!

Helping a newbie see the (Flesh)light. Answers to one of the most common Fleshlight questions.

Horny Guy - Just wondering ... if you agree with the other Fleshlight users that the human vagina doesn't feel completely smooth but has "ridges," so to speak, inside.

Stroke of Genius - For me, the feeling is the sensation of skin-on-skin contact enhanced by the slickness of lubrication. When you combine that with what you're feeling on the underside of your cock, the result is pretty good.

Horny Guy - Hmmm...

Horny Guy - So, it's not entirely smooth in there. You're hitting "something," whatever it is. Cuz I talked to some of these other dudes ... they said they sorta feel something in a pussy. Not just complete smoothness.

Stroke of Genius - I'm not trying to be nosy, but are you a virgin?

Horny Guy - Yeah, I'm a virgin alright. That's why I'm going for the closest to the real thing. I'm going for realism here.

Stroke of Genius - Well, you can't go wrong with the Super Tight Wonder Wave (STWW) or the Super Tight Gold Lady (STG). Both feel great and come awfully close to the feeling of a vagina. The Fleshlight will be more instructive for you in understanding what penetrative sex feels like. And it feels a lot like when you first enter a pussy. Surprisingly so. For me, the initial penetration is one of the best things about sex and one of the things the Fleshlight does really well, sensation-wise.

Horny Guy - Wow....this STWW is like the consumer's choice.

Summary: The STWW feels like a tight pink pussy, a hot wet tight teen pink pussy just waiting to be boned. Need more encouragement? How about a nice juicy tight hairy pink pussy? A wet pink slit? A slippery pink cunny? A moist pink slit. A tight pulsating pink gash? A nice tight teen pink pussy? A warm tight pink cunt? A moist hairy tight hot pink teen pussy? LOL. You get the idea. Check it out.

Monday, April 19, 2004

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