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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

REVIEW: Flesh Pump, a new way to bust a nut

I got my Flesh Pump today after a bit of a hassle at the post office. (I wish they'd get used to the new bar codes. This is the second time an ILF package got passed around among the postal employees at the customer service area. One person even wanted to Xerox the bar code so others could see it later.) Fuck that. Give me my package, Hooterville postal workers!

After that little bit of excitement, I proceeded home to test the new product. I read the directions, greased up, smooshed and fitted myself into the chamber and started pumping. The vacuum action seemed to enlarge my already erect member, but after about 5 minutes I soon tired of the exercise. Since there seemed to be no orgasm at the end of that science experiment, I moved on to using the Flesh Pump in concert with a Fleshlight insert. Speed Bump was the orifice of choice. I took Speed Bump and fit it into the clear chamber of the Flesh Pump. Each piece (the pump and the insert) fit together quite well. I then initiated a slow and somewhat awkward FLying session.

Being a novice, there was the expected trial and error, including slippage and the need to reposition the insert. First problem: I squeezed the pump handle too many times and Flesh Pump sucked the insert into the tube. That happened about three of four times till I came upon the magic pump number. In my case, it was three. Next problem: I pulled myself too far out of the insert a couple of times and broke the suction seal. That problem was easily remedied after I modified my stroke method.

After these minor mishaps, I started to get the hang of it. Because I didn't want to lose the suction grip, I started to favor shorter strokes closer to the front of the insert. My Flesh Pump session consisted primarily of "riding the ridge." (i.e.: short, tentative strokes that worked the ridge of my dickhead.) In fact, it was the first orgasm I ever experienced by focusing almost exclusively on the ridge. A few more observations: The pumping action made Speed Bump hug my dick a lot better. And a tighter grip translated into a better feel and a more pleasurable stroke.

In future posts, I'll be providing updates and additional commentary on Flesh Pump. I tend to think of the Flesh Pump as a magician's bag of sorts, a deceptively simple device that might transform familiar inserts into entirely new FLying experiences. For me, the Flesh Pump technology translated into an entirely new way to bust a nut.


My second day with Flesh Pump: more inserts and a little more discipline. I started out with the ST Lady, but moved back to Speed Bump after I grew nostalgic for the nubs. And I had better luck the second day. I got to experiment a bit and discovered the differences in sensation that various pump sequences could afford. I got all the way to eight pumps, found that ultra snug, and released some pressure to get the sleeve a bit looser. With the pump, "loose" is characterized by a lesser degrees of tightness because even a few pumps will tighten a FL sleeve.

I also progressed a little beyond the training-wheels stage. On the first day, my strokes were short and close to the top. Today, I experimented with deeper penetration and longer strokes. Guess what? Shorter strokes actually feel better. So, for now, I'm a committed ridge rider. Another observation: a pumped up chamber alters the character of inserts like Speed Bump. (I suspect the compression of the sleeve flattens the nubs a bit.) Although I find a regular Speed Bump session (in a regular case) to be more intense, a Flesh Pump SB session works the knob's ridge pretty effectively, getting you to an orgasm in grand style.

I also agree with FleshJoe's assessment that it's fun to watch your cock move in the tight sleeve. The pump really accentuates your manly profile. Actually, it makes you look bigger - and there's nothing wrong with that!

Certainly more experiments are forthcoming. Check for more on these boards and at The Frequent FLyer Bar & Grille and FleshJoe's The Flesh Files.

In the meantime, check it out yourself: Flesh Pump!

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

FLESHLIGHT ICE: See Yourself Shoot

FrequentFLyer: How did you first find out about the Fleshlight?
Iceman: While I was surfing porn last year.
FF: Did it interest you immediately?
Iceman: Yeah, ever since I saw it, I wanted one.
FF: Did you order it right away or did you wait?
Iceman: I waited like 2 months and then...I got it.

FF: Which insert appealed to you the most?
Iceman: I think it's the regular.
FF: the Pussy/Lady?
Iceman: Yep.

FF: Which color did you get?
Iceman: Ice.
FF: What was appealing about the Ice?
Iceman: It's clear and I liked it like that.
FF: Is being able to see yourself cool?
Iceman: Yeah, that was one of the reasons.
FF: Can you see yourself shoot?
Iceman: Yeah.
FF: What are the other reasons?
Iceman: The color, the fact I can see myself inside and my cum shots.
FF: Did the insert live up to your expections, sensationwise?
Iceman: Yeah, I like it.

Fleshlight Ice The clear choice. See yourself cumming and going.