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Saturday, October 30, 2004


Super Tight Super Ribbed aka ST Super Ribbed aka STSR

Fleshlight's Super Tight Super Ribbed (STSR) is kind of retro in color. It reminds me of a Cougar that Ford manufactured a while back. The insert itself has a metallic sheen underneath and is quite attractive. Overall, the Super Ribbed Gold Lady (the insert I reviewed) is a very nice looking package. The vertical opening is about the size of a dime. (By contrast, the Super Tight Wonder Wave Lady's vertical opening is about the size of a quarter.) As I inserted my middle finger into the insert, Gold's chamber was nice and tight. And the ribs, as promised, began almost immediately. In fact, one knuckle in. I positioned my hand so my middle finger pointed to the floor. The insert gripped and didn't let go until the sheer weight of the sleeve caused it to pull off my finger.

First Try - While Gold heated in a sink of hot water, I imagined what it might feel like and how ST Super Ribbed (STSR) would compare to other inserts. As I slid my cock into the chamber, it felt nice and tight. Then the insistent stroking of the ribs on my cockhead did me in. My first session was brief. I felt like a teen-ager.

6:06 p.m. EST: Penetrated STSR Gold.
6:07 p.m. EST. Blew my wad.

I wish I could offer astute first-time observations and dazzling commentary, but I can't. Super Tight's grip was nothing short of amazing and as the ribbing stroked my knob and the underside of my cock, it offered such insistent, pleasurable sensations that I involuntarily blew my load. I'm sure reactions will vary among FL users, but product anticipation and Super Ribbed Gold's key design improvements both probably did me in. Gold's total package: tight entrance, a snug chamber and the ribs all contributed to a very intense and pleasurable (but brief) Fleshlight session.

For the purposes of accuracy in reporting, I had to try again.

7:13-7:43 p.m. EST: This time, I lasted a lot longer and even had time to reflect on the experience. But not much. Nothing found in nature really compares to Fleshlight Gold. The chamber is ultra tight and the grip feels tailor-made. In contrast to other FL inserts I have used, the Super Ribbed's sensations were intense and sharp. This one is going to take a little getting used to. Not that I'm complaining!

This killer insert is a must-have Fleshlight. Come see for yourself.

Thursday, October 14, 2004



A first-timer writes: "When I first heard about Speed Bump, I thought it was like any other Fleshlight (I already had an Ice Pussy). A guy from the Fleshlight chat used to tell me how wonderful it was. One day, I decided to get it. It's like a mouth with several tongues licking under your fireman's helmet at the same time. Those tongues work relentlessly where your need it most. Since then, I've become addicted and I can say that my life has been divided into two parts: before and after Speed Bump."

Super Tight Speed Bump aka Speed Bump (SB).

Where do I start? I'm at work today thinking about my new Speed Bump and my cock starts stirring in my trousers. I feel like Pavlov's (dirty) dog. Woof, woof. LOL.

Got my Speed Bump (SB) and the new Super Tight Wonder Wave (STWW) in the mail yesterday and got down to business as soon as possible. Because there was no advance buzz on Speed Bump, I didn't know what to expect. Well, that's only half-true. I knew what I MIGHT expect based on the website photos at the ILF site, but I still wondered how those little raised nubs would actually feel gliding up and down my cock.

For starters, the SB's chamber is tight as hell with a casing that follows the contours of your cock. But it gets better. A lot better.

Speed Bump has dozens of raised bumps that are designed to hit the most sensitive and pleasure-seeking parts of your manhood. As the SB ping, ping, pinged under my cockhead, the nubs created never-ending waves of sensation. I almost felt I could direct the bumps to hit the most sensitive area of my manhood - right under my dickhead - but that might be an illusion cause there are dozens of those little fuckers all working together - tonguing, stroking and ultimately bringing me to a ball-draining cum. Right now, I'm too spent to write anything more. LOL.

Click here for more info on this ball-drainer!